The Walk Back

Usually, I have my head down on my way back to my bike. Sometimes, just sometimes, I have urges to look up and see something beautiful from time to time.P_20161226_175806.jpg


Awesome Christmas Tree

This awesome Christmas tree is made of bottles filled with colored water and lights inside to make the awesome decoration come to life. Hahaha. This was from our local church. Post is a bit late. Advanced Happy New Year to all.



Night Bazaar

You know those night bazaars? Street foods and whatnots? Stars (we call them parols) are recommended decorations for Christmas like the stereotypical decor for homes.


Not really into photographing people. Hey! Look, it’s my cousins! Very rare for them to visit during Christmas. It’s been such a long time since they last visited. Siomai for snacks, since balut was nowhere to be seen.


Enjoying a round of mobile GAMES!!!!!!

It’s hard to take portraits of people if you are not really comfortable with taking people’s pictures. It gets blurry because shooting night time can be a real pain with a phone.


Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Siomai is life.

Pinyaskuhan at Barangay Cannery Site

Pinyaskuhan at Barangay Cannery Site. Christmas celebration in our hometown has these events where people will set up Christmas decorations for public display near the Barangay Gymnasium.

4 seconds, iso 100

Entrance going into the public display of Christmas Decorations.

8 seconds, iso 100

Although a bit small, people still gather to watch the programs by the Local Government Unit (LGU).

8 seconds, iso 100

Weather today is cooperating nicely for the chorale competition.